Suresh Vasnani

A consultant, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

I work as a SIM Technology Consultant for large mobile network operators providing support on SIM technology, supporting their networks to define and use SIM cards effectively and look at various aspects of SIM lifecycle management.
I am a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and GDPR trained. I also provide software development services ranging from customer facing web development to desktop and mobile applications for SMEs. See Prithvi Corp. Ltd. for more details.

My entrepreneurial side loves to develop new ideas and concepts ranging from fun garment printing to developing ideas linked with old age care solutions. See Jatin Inc. Ltd. for more details.

Aside from the work, I strongly believe that there must be a higher reason our existence. I believe that reason is to make a difference to people’s lives. Education, getting rid of hunger and care are subjects dear to my heart. See for more details.

I am the director of Prithvi Corp. Ltd. and Jatin Inc. Ltd. which run the Consulting and Entrepreneurial side of my life. I am also the founder of which is my endeavour to give something back to society. Through this, we provide support to under-privileged kids and provide them food, books and clothes.

Work history


Over 17 years experience working in the telecommunications sector for the largest multinational mobile operator.


Prithvi Corp. Ltd.
November 2011 – Present

SIM Technology specialist, supporting operators with their SIM implementations and SIM lifecycle management. Running and managing their projects from requirements gathering to final acceptance.

Certified PRINCE2 Practioner with over 15 years of experience.

GDPR Practioner with good understanding of the new EU Regulations. Available to support anyone looking to understand/implement data protection and privacy safeguards in their business to comply with the regulations.

October 2011 - Present

Quality education and learning is the key target of

We collect funds and training/teaching resources that can be provided to kids with less priviledgedbackgrounds.

Consultant - SIM Technology

Vodafone Group
January 2005 - Present

As a consultant to Vodafone Group, I support various Vodafone OpCos with their SIM implementations based on the group products responsible for end to end project management of the implementations, review and advise on future technologies and various other SIM related topics.

SmartCard Engineer

Vodafone Group
March 2001 - January 2005

I was responsible for the SIM application specification, development and approval. I was also the technical contact for all SIM vendors. The last one and a half year, I worked for Vodafone Global as the Technical Manager for their Group USIM products and vendor management. The development was done with a Europe-wide team from the major Vodafone OpCos and partners.

Managing Director

Kuber Consultancy
November 2007 - December 2011

Managing Director

Odisse Group
January 2005 - December 2009

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